Kevin is an entrepreneur with a background in math and computer science. His focus is on outstanding design. He and cofounder Kyle Hickinson are currently working on Permanent, the touch spreadsheet. Permanent was ranked the #1 Business app in 14 countries and #2 in the U.S.

His iOS app Umbrella appeared in six Apple commercials during the iPhone 3GS campaign (Avid, Dine-in Dine-out, Gift, Nature Lovers, Song, and Travel). Umbrella reached #4 in the Weather category. His app BarSlot reached #2 in the Navigation category.

Kevin leads the open-source K project Kona. K is a programming language that's seen success among small, elite Wall Street teams. Programs written in K are short and shockingly fast.

Kevin previously worked as an inaugural member of the search team at Etsy, building features like their category search and search autosuggest. Etsy is currently a top 50 US site serving over 1B pageviews/month.

He has $3.20 in Knuth checks (get one). He has a B.S. in math & a B.A. in English from UF, and an M.S. in computer science from NYU.

You can find Kevin's email by running git log on any of his GitHub projects.